Golden Beneficial Securities Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with superior tools, unparalleled support, and low commissions in order for them to have the competitive edge in the trading marketplace. To put it simply, we want you to succeed!

Direct Access Trading

Choose one of our premier Level II trading products, each can provides you with a sophisticated powerful trading platform from which to execute your orders. Bring the full force and scope of live streaming market data, user friendly point and click analytics, and direct order routing to your trading.

Services List

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • U.S. Treasury Securities
  • IRAs and Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Cash Management Account
  • Preferred Stock
  • Money Market Funds

Contact Us

Contact Us

Why Invest With Us?

  • Superior Tools
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Low Commissions


New Location

Please note that our location has
changed to the below address.
Golden Beneficial Securities, Corp.
440 Benmar Drive
Suite 2251
Houston, Texas 77060


To Contact Golden Beneficial Securities About Closing Your Account, Please Send Email to: INFO@GBSC.NET